Should I myth grim or sith?

So if you saw one of my previous topics, I showed my sparked runners. If you haven’t, here is the link.

here is the poll

  • Grimreaper
  • Sith

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If you make a vote, can you also include why… :smiley:

The hp diference between them is not that much to compensate the energy difference between them.


@Skiller-Legendary Why did you choose Sith? I have four max epic plates, as my previous tors was Zark… Using grim should help a lot. The only reason I got Sith to max legend is because I was going to use it for my heat mech…

so that bring up the next question. Should I use Sith as fusion material? Or should I use it to get grim to myth. What I mean is should I use it to get from lvl 32 to lvl 33, or use as one of the 5 legends to get to myth.

One of 5 legends dude

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kk just the way I was leaning towards. Still, I feel like the 40 levels are wasted like that.

Meh idk…I see Grim as being better but as a Sith user I’ll vote that.

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You can use Zarkares for energy – it needs little to no heat modules, just energy and hp.