Should i keep this drone?

is it good?

i am not a pys mech user but should i keep it?

void is better , fuse it away.

unless you are a colectionist and keep it for shits and giggles


I suggest you to keep all the items that start from legendary form


Keep it , there is like 0.05 % chance of getting that again, you never know when they nerf things

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i tested it
this drone useless if you have damage type mech
only good if enemy has low capacity and you have a extra energy or heat weapon with pys mech because breaks cooling and regen

It’s true it doesn’t do any resistance dmg , but it might get nerfed and made more powerful since it is supposed to be a premium item…also it’s dmg is not so bad


Quit the game don’t waste you’re time and or money it’s highway robbery

I had it on my mech, it’s not bad, but drone that lowers resistance is better.

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do u mean buffed?


void is better as physical support by its res drain & nice dmg
greedy drains more res but deals less dmg
dustmaker if im r8 have the hightest dmg of physical drones but its hidden stats arent usefull at al

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i have dustmaker the drone is good