Should i keep them?


shoulf i keep golem and lightning supporters or scrap em?


Golem = Scrap

Lightning Supporters = keep


should i use the lightning supporters with grimreaper or use rolling beasts with gr


Depends on the build. :smile:


Use the lightning!!

Rolling beasts are terrible energy legs.


A) because it’s phys
b) they are rollers


Noo its not, it have high movement, and its lightweight…


And higher Hp than the only other Rollers…A.K.A. Sparked Runners


Rolling is physical legs, not energy, energy is the Sparked Runners, which i need one :slight_smile:


Mistook rolling for sparked…Damn i want one sparked :frowning:


golem is epic to legendary,so it is either a placeholder on a mech or transform food.
lightning supporters are good energy legs but they kind of fail when put against other legs.iron boots are the best f2p legs cus of the hp and are better than lightning in dmg.then again,how usefull different myth legs are depends on the mech.i think rolling beasts is good for your mech.