Should i evolve my brutallity into myth


Current i had all the stuffs needed to evolve , but i also have other torsos like avenger , windigo , and grim reaper , which torso worth getting to myths more ? my current build are rocket heat mechs , please tell me your recommendations


Go for brutality, or wedingo. You are a dmg heater, that means you wont shutdown, you will mostly just overheat… and that means also hp is important to u… and both abomination and deaolation heat u up alot … that means you need high heat cap and cooldown… you are dead if you meet flamers tho.


I like brutality because it look gangsta mean machine.
N don’t forget to write my name on it MAX.


Brutality has good stats, but it’s just a fat and ugly God Mode


I did a post on this a while back:


Brutality and Windigo are about equally good. Naga, Nightmare and Grim Reaper are also really good. Which one you use basically depends on which one works out the best with your weight/weapon load out.