Should I convert to Heat?

I’m having a tough time making decisions here. I’m literally ripping my brain apart trying to decide.

Should I stay as a physical or convert to heat? And please state why.

  • Convert to heat
  • Stay as physical

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This doesn’t apply to my second mech. That will stay as an energy type

Do you have the premium weapons to pull off a heater? The good heat weapons don’t come easily like Anni and Nightfall

if you have an abomination, sorrow or shotgun heat make a heat, in the long run they are more profitable than a physical one (only with primiun items and good configuration)

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Depends on what items u have, if you have premium heat weapons (reckoning, abomination, magma) u can make a good heat mech, but without them unlikely

Depends entirely on weapons inventory. I just converted to physical from heat because I got two Spartans. I had crappy heat weapons.

By the way, im loving them Spartans.

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Depends on a couple things. First, do you have premium items - and if so, which ones? I’d go for the type with the best prem items (in most cases). Additionally, I find that building mechs that have the same optimum range helps a lot in 2v2. That is, all mechs short range (like most physicals), or long range (like F2P heaters), etc. If you can get both (or all 3) mechs you use like that, then you’ll spend less time moving around and more time killing in PvP.

Also, a general note: phys tends to be easier to make and use; heat is harder but it pays off if you can make it work. Just my opinion :smile:

Just make another mech!

Idk dude,I wouldn’t just convert,I’d make one more instead.
Plus I always modify my other builds.You’ll mostly see me with my physical Sith build in the arena,for example,even if it’s not my primarily chosen build.

dude stay on physical, because heat need premium items or you can stuck at 2 range for no weapon(all 2-4 range weapon are premium weapons), physical don’t need premium items,annihation,nightfall,nighteagle,void… these are all good weapons

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Physical (almost) always wrecks heat builds, and if you have enough energy engines and health you can destroy other energy builds too. I’ve always been a physical fan, even before reloaded and I will always go for physical.

this is my new heat mech(not finished)