Should i buy premium packs now or on a sale?


Ello…Now i was wondering…a basic question…
Should i buy premium pack right now or should i wait for discount?
Thank you very much…

  • Yes!
  • No. Just wait for it.

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Should i buy a premium box right now, or later?

Let me elaborate
No matter when you buy it, the chance of obtaining a legendary is astronomical.
I bought 6 premium packs in total, and never got 1 legendary… All legendary food.


discount when

  1. Price is cheaper so you can buy more of them
  2. Chance of obtaining a legendary from prem pack is not astronomical, at least not for me
  3. Welp… 6 boxes and no legends is unlucky


Wait a day. Since there was an item portal yesterday Im pretty sure that a sale will come in the next couple days with a higher chance of getting the claws.


wait for discount , higher drop rates for legies


Soo in conclusion…
Almost everyone said that i should wait…
Welp…Thank you all for telling me what to do.
I have just make this topic cause i have no idea.

Well this will take soo long


The discount sale is usually once in 2 to 3 weeks


Nope , save your money and buy pizzas instead , they are better and it makes you happy later on