Should I Buy More Prem Boxes?

I have 582 Tokens left, but I’m not sure I should spend them on Premium Packs?

Also, What Are Premium Items? I heard of them, but I’m not sure what they are.

Buy Premium packs , more value for 5 cards.

Premium items are the items that start from legendary.

Aka you can only get on premium boxes or in event portals if you are lucky.

Example : Mortal Bullet / Rolling Beasts etc.

Or in fortune box from boss battle

Oh Ok. Thanks, Guys! (Annoying Character Limit)

Guess what I just got:

![33 PM|690x411]

Even Though I have an Epic Face Shocker and I only use Phys and Heat ._.

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I got 1 desert fury from 2 packs,that was the only legendary,now i have 2 desert fury