Should i add a nightfall?

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  • No
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Definitely add one, but whats your module situation like?


Yikes, remove savior, get another heat engine and energy engine. Then add the nightfall.


This is what mines looks like currently (still a work in progress but it works well).

oh god, its almost symmetrical
i got 1 heat engine and 6 energy engines

Heh, forgot about that.

And hmm, well farm for another heat engine or two. Since you’re not running dual nightfall, you’re likely fine off with what you have for energy.

Maybe you could squeeze in another heat engine, nvm no more hp, hmmm

A minute and i will show the best build with those parts

It’s 991Kg, it shows wrong weight because of a visual bug.

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heat hook looks weird on psyh build

That’s the phys hook, look behind the icon. They just share the same design/colors.

i was looking at the red color on the hook lol

yeah, it’s physical hook.

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