Should i activate base?

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No , no , no and obviously , no , unless you are a mental machocist


i just did…wouldnt recommend to anyone…but i knew that before…who cares

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I accidentally did activate it, and I can tell you to not activate unless you have kits stash, tones of gold and patience.
For the info, I had over 50 million sm coins and kit stash, maxed items and etc, so I didnt feel much of a damage, its the same like it used to be for me.
I activated it in January, right before I quit playing, logged once or twice per week to update base…
Thats just my personal experience and opinion.


Gra nie oferuje nic fajnego i ciekawego już , wiec baza to dobry krok aby z tej gry coś ciekawego jeszcze wycisnąć


Do it no balls you wont.

Do it and you’re cool.

I like it, seems to be a pretty decent system. But nobody else does, so…

i did activate it yesterday, it is worth the patience and time. have seen it in my brother account and he only has 1 factory lvl 15 (central base lvl20 too)

Yes, but over time

It is kinda a huge risk. You have to be prepare for it. I knew what the risk is. The number ONE risk is patience. It slows down the game. If you have more than 10million gold and more than 200 silver boxes, than go for it. Do not open silver boxes until you reach lvl 15 factory. You will find out why.

What happens? Does it have high chance of epic? Or. Legendary??

I got my Base removed when I accidentally clicked it. Just pm sarah and give her your player I’d (the 8 digit one)

Do it now! WE need you! Join us! (Hell laugh) nice to kill you!

The number ONE reason I enable it, was for the Rare upgrade kits. Once I get to factory 15, I will start making them and upping them. I will have to just common to up rare faster. I won’t need to transform common to rare, anymore.

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I dont think I mind it anymore, and Im too close to the lvl 20 which will produce legendaries ( hopefully )so no point in going back now lol

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Am I the only one that likes the bases ?

I honestly dont see any downside to them…other than they are slow to upgrade.

Everybody on here math was wrong about the cost :frowning:


Sure why not?

Nobody will stop you from doing what you want

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Your not the only one. I’m beginning to like it. I think it will go faster for we, once I get factories to 15.

HappyPoppers, base is bad mostly for new players because there are no more silver boxes to buy. They’ve to spend a lot thru the base to boost their stuff, and they’ve to wait awhile for factories to produce anything. Also, the base will take them awhile to upgrade due to cost and time. Consequently, progression will be a lot slower for new players.

Think of it as Tacticsoft’s latest nerf. This reminds me of when Tacticsoft increased the boosting cost to upgrade items. You remember that time, HappyPoppers?