Should AI Be Able to Rebel?

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I think it might be a good idea if the AI do rebel randomly between 100-500 ticks and will have built up a small force when they do. This would mean if the conqueror has left the area/forced to move a new player could conquer the AI.[poll public=true]

  • Yes - Totally agree
  • No - They should be mine forever
  • Yes - Some tweaking might be needed, lets wait to see what these AI are like

I like this idea, it would keep the map in motion between the later stages of the era. Where people are just sitting there.

I don’t disagree fully, but currently AI do delete at a random tick count (leaving a nice OP of course) which also creates some dynamic here.

I’d like to see personally how things pan out for a while and if needed release a follow up update later :slight_smile:

I think this is a real great idea to put some more dynamic into the game.

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Oy !! Oy!!

Nobody’s taking my AI conqs away from me !!:rage:

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I guess not,Will create complications in the long run, This randomness will cause problems in the long run
Like If randomly conquers rebel what if you lose power that could have given you a medal or something (yeah i know thats highly unlikely,just trying to make a point here)

Maybe Put in a Rebel limit, for e.g colonies rebel after 72 ticks so we know when to re attack :smiley:

Yea with like how the control ticks currently are … just make them purple or something :smiley:

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Then don’t be lazy and quell them :stuck_out_tongue:

My vote goes for putting R5 defenses on them :imp:

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I’ll need a update on a few R6 units now please

thank you alex :heart:

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If programmable too, the AI should be able to send out random attacks. Not large scale annoying ones, but ones that just pester the alliance that has conquered them. I’m not sure if this is possible though.

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Automated R5 Farms Yay


I like that idea! AI must rebel and that will make more reallity

Bump. Currently people just spam AI and get huge farms at the beginning, leading to the rest of the era becoming extremely stagnant. Yeah, you get a couple of good fights and some cat-mouse, but usually there’s just one dominant alliance, with other alliances flexing and bantering.

Ai almost all get deleted and replaced at a certain point (later on at like tick 500? @Elcent knows)

I don’t think that Ai are the cause of the issues with the playerbase. Abusing the new ruleset and people leaving after CE2 are the main reasons why worlds arent as active nowadays. BD has its ups and down times since people get tired. If you want competition plant and fight everyone.