Should a Game / SuperMechs be FUN ❓


I have a few questions to you all …

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny @SilverBox

… please answer the questions for yourself and/or give your thoughts about :exclamation:

I am very interested about your opinions :exclamation:

Should a Game make FUN :question:

Should SuperMechs make FUN :question:

Should a battle in a battle game not be like you have time and a chance to fight and win against your opponent :question:

How a game make fun if you are forced to quit or you know after 3 seconds that you lost, because game went to a counter-building game, because of the last few updates :question:

Do we want a SuperMechs Reloaded II :question:

Is 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 the battle-category which needs most luck to win about choosing your mechs :question:

So far enough questions to start thinking about a few things :exclamation:
Feel free to add some questions, but please stay friendly and clear about the topic :exclamation:

My answer to all these questions …

I try to be as short as possible

YES a game / SuperMechs should make FUN :exclamation:
As the game went now with the last few updates it went to a total counter-building meta, where - because we are forced to play 2v2 - you know after 3 seconds if you will win or lose the battle - that is for sure not fun :exclamation:

We want NOT a SuperMechs Reloaded II :exclamation:
But if tacticsoft will go on this way, battles will become worser and worser / shorter and shorter = less FUN :exclamation: And it will be need a SuperMechs Reloaded II, maybe thats their plan. I don’t know :exclamation:

You need a well rounded mech, if you want to win most :exclamation:
Of course you can also counter building, but you are not forced to do it, also you will lose a lot if you hit the wrong opponents.

You need to choose 2 out of 3 mechs, you choosed the wrong one as first, game is over :exclamation:
Why is that this way, because opponent can also change mechs, if you try to change during the battle :exclamation:

Was the best so far, because battles last longer, you can change mechs (to 2nd or 3rd) AND opponent cannot know which one you took, so the battle result can change with every mech change :exclamation:

So yes, 2v2 is the battle category where luck matters the most :exclamation:

I will be glad to read your oppinons about this topic :exclamation:


EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf
12 fuel on Hard? That is INSANE!

I think this is very accurate. Your point about 3v3 is probably the best there. However, if they were to make 3v3 the standard battle, they should give us a month to prepare.


they should make this game :wink:


Oh - I didn’t thought to change to force for 3v3 :exclamation:

I thought more of 2 solutions …

  • not forcing for 2v2, let every player play what she/he want in Arena (1v1, 2v2, 3v3), as we had

… if the argument will be, but then matchmaking search will last again “for ever”, how about …

  • the good old items-with-levels matchmaking (as we had a few years back :question:

Years back every item had a level from 1 to 30. The highest used level-item counted for matchmaking. You could only match an opponent with 2 levels higher or 2 levels lower :exclamation:
Back then it was never a problem to find opponents - does that mean we had more players 4 years back :question:

And for the game right now, the developers would not have to invent the levels again, because we have already level items :exclamation:


5 different levels, you can only meet each other in this level categories :exclamation:

In each level category you can gain Arena Points the same :exclamation:

So you can build 5 different level mechs, whatever you want, battle with, with every mech you want, etc. :exclamation:

That sound FUN to me :exclamation:

Players right now would need some FREE space and not being forced to click every single button in the game as devs want :exclamation:


I think that would make SuperMechs being FUN again :exclamation:



The level system wouldn’t work with the rarities though. It would have to take in account if it is maxed, as well as if it is premium

I have just the same amount of mythicals are people two ranks above me. The thing is, they just have a better build, and more premiums. Getting matched against them would be disasterous

This would work very well though if there was a more specific item level for items.


I think you missunderstand me, or I wrote not good enought to say it clear …

Example …

You could build a mech with only Rares and you will be matched only with players with highest item equiped Rare :exclamation:

You could build a mech with only Legandaries and you will be matched only with players with highest item Legendary :exclamation:

Not what you have in your inventory counts for matchmaking, what you have equiped (highest level) on your mech counts for matchmaking :exclamation:



Okay when I first starting reading this thread… the poster of it skipped my brain. I am glad that a high ranked pilot like you is talking about this. If they do not listen to their veterans WTF is there a forum for ?

I have been placing my thoughts on the game in my various evolution of robot posts, but I just have to say…

I have been mulling over a item based matchup for arena and a way to propose levelling items thatis fair across the board… and you say they had it? God, what a thing to remove, levelling items is a good way to make sure power vs power vs damge etc, is fair enough to make the fight not uneven.

I have won several fights without firing a shot because a random matchup put my mech against someone with barely any hp, I, have actually taken hits a few times just so they would feel it was a better fight. The matchup mode in this game as it stands, is utterly terrible.

If this game were to enable 3v3 a mode similar to MechCommander2 would make more sense, where you issue group orders and the mecha all go in turn until their actions are completed. But that might make too much sense.

Im new to SM but not mecha, and I have been checking out all these nerf this and that and problem threads and overall I find myself agreeing with the subjects and contexts.

This game should be a thrilling bit of mech on mech, gun to gun combat, where the right or wrong choice means victory or death! Not, oh heyI spent 800$ on my moms credit card and even though I just started I have it all.

Like we say in Battletech “No Guts, no Galaxy !” If it turns into who can twink out the best, then the point of a game like this, is completely lost. Especially with the unending ads we are forced to watch without warning, before, after and on the map. Etc.


You are Correct with this Words.

In addition to being a veteran player is the player with the most medals won in all versions of this game.

Many of us are even in this game before the current developers.

maybe listening can guide them on the right path


You know, again noob talking here but I firmly belive you veterans are the voices they should listen too, if anything you have the time, blood sweat and anger devoted in.

They should permit a… Let us call it a Council of the Wise. Wherein all the veteran players are given access to items to discuss and debug, to bring the idea out into the community -before- its presented… Like I got 3 heat bombs in 1 day… I think the weapon is twinky and needs a balance, as amusing as the idea of it is… Just eh.

If these are new devs to the game, then they need to being back the old guard, if only the veterans could organize a great clan meeting so to speak… A Batchall or Battle Challenege in BT terms, to organize and stand up together against the nerfing and theft of items, while things get more and more uphill.

The game is great, but if new players can notice issues within a short time, then clearly something is dire about this situation. A group survives by working together, just because they are devs does not mean they have any right to ignore the playerbase. Do that and you go out like NCSoft and others.

I am brooding over these modules and such and I will present my musings on it sooner or later in a manner similar to my previous posts.

Not that I think at this point the dev staff cares what we say.


yes sm should be fun


On my goodness gracious me how I miss the old SM background :smiley:


For those who were pretty darn good before reloaded, the update(SM reloaded) hurt the most.
Though some agreed,coped up and embraced the changes, but sadly, many quit the game.
After the arena update, no possible chance for 3v3. As besty and many people say, bring the 3v3 back!! It may be longer, but it is just a choice, and brings a lot of strategy to the game.




Jesus christ we had enough.

2v2 arena battles are bored (And hated)
I think it’s the time to return the old fashion way.


Im on with this… the forced 2v2 is a joke.
However in a dev point of view: before the forced 2v2 we were crying about the time we spend on searching for the battle.
Now we are crying about the forced 2v2.
For them it doesn’t really matter if we are complaining about the forced 2v2 or the searching time… we complain about everything. Can’t blame them tho, nothing is good enough for us, especially not the things they are doing.


Here you all can talk about counter-building and/or if to play well rounded mechs is more or less FUN :exclamation:



Here all talk and talk as if they really know what they are talking about.


We need more discussion here …

to let @Sarah247 and @Mohadib know our thoughts about SuperMechs and how much WE all love :sparkling_heart: SuperMechs :exclamation:



Just answer for yourself the questions from the first post and you will have enough answers to discuss here about :exclamation:



This is the best message on this thread!

I,too,hate 2v2.
As a 3v3,this killed my whole setup and experience.I’d have rather waited a little longer for a match than play 2v2.


After THIS actuell Item Protal, it is time to re-activate this thread …

A new question …

Grinding Portals for what :interrobang:

To lose fuel and tokens :question:

To get what :question:

A 0.1 % chance for 1 Legendary, which can be not usefull also :question:

Now this game is officially NOT FUN anymore :exclamation:

I waited for such a statement a long long time :exclamation:

Nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf the playing process from ALL players :exclamation:

You do this now for years tacticsoft :exclamation:

With this one more, you killed every single FUN aspect of this game :exclamation: