Shortcuts in talking when you meet the clan requierments


This is how it will go.

R = stands for rank
25-1 = stand for the rank
/*** = stands for your points.

So in scenario it would be this :

‘‘I would like to join **************** , i exceed your requierments with R1/135’’


Vise versa , when you are the clan leader , it should be like this :

‘‘If you want to join ************ , you will need the minimum of R1/130’’


Lol - whats’s the point of shortening it if you still have to write an essay.
JK - but the sentence is too long for lazy people like me


For the same reason you shorten “Lol” and “JK” in your post, practicality.

Just a example. :))
You can just say “Join me R1” and if the clan is actually good, ranks 1 will ask for it.