Shooting parts ? damage weapons?

Hello Every one ,

How about adding HP for each part of the Mech that you can choose to aim at them instead of the Main Mech ?

Lets say the Torse represents the Mech life . so you aim at the Torso for killing.

But how about aiming at each weapon module in the enemy Mech ?

lets say top weapons each have HP , Side weapons as well

If you wish , you can destroy the weapons by shooting at them and this will not make the robot main HP go down at all … but could heat it up …

This will add more strategy to the game …

if you shoot a weapon you will lose a turn but this can be very tactical to win the game at end.


Ahh… That’s kind of like Battlemechs (The INCREDIBLY old and non-multiplayer version of SM that was created by the same team).

Battlemechs had the SAME parts every mode, but you have to aim for those parts, and if you’re lucky, you may even deactivate those parts (Excluding torso and drone).

I will say no, but I don’t really have a good reason, wait for the others.




like this?nostalgia…


I posted a similar idea elsewhere
I wouldn’t go so far as to destroy the weapon, but at least disable it for 1-3 turns. Here it is:

I would make this a single use weapon
The beauty of this, is that there are some truly OP items in the game, but having something available to temporarily disable them and buy time really balances it out (instead of just taking out the old nerf hammer). You could even bring something like the old EMP back (at original weight and power, but maybe only usable at range 4) and this would serve a nice counter




wow looks awesome … I wonder why they never made it this way. also this can add fantastic ideas to the game , like

1- Repair drone instead of Attack Drones . they repair damaged parts.
2- shooting the legs can make the mech immobile for one turn for example.

and so on.

That’s a thing before reloaded and we never wanted that to come back again o_O

IDK…all I know us that the claw is not affected by this cause’ it can’t move lol

I am a big fan of this kind of concept. However, if it was to be implemented, I would prefer that it is discussed extensively and the devs also have a couple of polls put up to see what we think.