Shockwave Raffle Winners


Here are the winners for the Shockwave Raffle:
(10 winners were chosen from the 21st - 23rd because of the incorrect dates on the original image)

These winners were chosen at random:

If you see your User ID here you are a WINNER!
You will see a Shockwave in your account in the next 24 hours.




Not me they even don’t start with a 2 whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy



Oh wait i didn’t even did 10 arena matches lmfao.


Question for you Sarah: Shouldnt these be announced in game too? Only a small portion of players use the forum. Some players who won may not notice the shockwave in their inventory, assuming they are not on the forum.


The item won’t go directly to their inventory. It comes in a box that says Special Gift.
It is a good point though.


Oh, okay then. Nevermind.


Who is that ?

I never see number lower than mine lol

Congrats to the winners :slight_smile:


Try using the in-game searching system


It does not work for me


Player must be online


Oh yeah that makes more sense


No one said Congratulations! :expressionless::grinning:


We will say it if they are online.


Who are they I would like to know if I meet them in the arena one thing are they top players


Rip me… I didn’t make it… :disappointed:


perdu as usual

no proof


Oh yay I don’t see my ID there.
Oh wait.
I didn’t even do 10 matches because I don’t want Shockwave




Congratulations!! Enjoy your Shockwave!