ShockWave Portal Summary with Mordulec

Greetings Pilots!
With the ShockWave Portal over, as always, I would like to present to you my totally subjective, biased and unfair summary of the portal! In terms of the number of legendaries, this time, the portal was weaker than the Heat Hammer. For 400 tokens invested I received the total of 10 legendaries. They are as follows:
Armour Dissolver
Ash Creator
Lightning Supporters
Scorching Feet
Chaos Bringer
Last Words

In terms of the QUALITY OF DROPS, THOUGH… Man, Vailant and Ash are too valuable to be ignored! Even if I landed just those two legendaries alone thru the entire portal duration, I still would be happy! So generally speaking, another awesome event in SuperMechs for me! And hell, do you two legs in the list? Yes, they are my claws, but you know, Mordulec Style!

Feedback to Other Players:
Guys, it has been my third portal with the new strategy I assumed for grinding in these events. And for the third time, it proved to be very generous. After the awesome EMP portal (7 legendaries), I broke the personal record in the Hammer Portal (11 legendaries), only to come nearly as close in this portal.

Important notes on the experience:
You must forget your usual attitute “WTF is this, 3 runs with no box… I quit”. This brings you nowhere. You have to look at the portal as a 48 hour event, in which you use all the resources. ONLY THEN YOU WILL START LANDING LEGENDARIES. Do you know how many times I hit no box streaks? At least several times. Longest streaks? I believe 6 no box runs in a row. And believe me, after a couple more I landed another legendary.

Final thoughts:

  1. As you probably noticed, I did not land the new drone. But I do not care, in my opinion it is useless. Time will show.
  2. Accumulate as many resources as you can: tokens and gold. And prepare your timetable for the next portal.
  3. Think big, instead of focusing on the small picture. No box streaks are part of the statistics. Your goal is legendaries, and not “0 no box runs”. In fact, no box run is the promise of an incoming legendary!
    As always, take care and good luck with the next item portal!


I also fused 5 away to make this bb :



Nice topic as always!

Good harvest bruh.

It was a decent drop rate . I did land the drone . It has not proven useful as it is very heavy coupled with low energy drain and no reistance drain which is crucial in this game . First r now it is a fun toy . The weapon itself is a hide and go seek weapon . Catch me if you can . It Seems to be quite useless as hp are a premium and matches don’t take much more than 7 turns per mech . We shall see .

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I got a Valiant

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300 tks spend, 5 legend shits + new drone

I got a new Bunker and StormWeaver for my mechs. :+1:

I never posted what I got during the portal because I felt like it would give me bad luck. lol

Thankfully, I got Bunker


Oh, damn you!
20 damns

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Nice post

I got 5 Legendaries for 200 Tokens

I farmed about 70% Hard, 30% Insane
I got 4 of the Legendaries from Hard and 1 on Insane (Fortune Box), with what seemed like a lot of no boxes on Insane

I’m thinking that Insane and Hard are equal drop rates (at best) which is unfortunate as Insane should be better

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Out of the 230ish portal runs, I received apriximatly 18 legends. Here’s the l-m’s I got

1-Sparked Runners (already have)
1-Claw (5th one)
1-Swoop drone
1-Spartan Carnage

Not a bad haul…it was tiring tho I must say

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About 600 tokens spent on refills, all on hard, 5 total legends. 2 Chromium Crushers, 1 Power Bottoms, 1 Shockwave, 1 Clash.

Easily my worst portal ever.

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511 (first day), 500-600 (second day) 1-1100 over all spent on the portal

  1. Second Claw
  2. Second Plat Hook
  3. (3rd) sparked Runners
  4. Ronin
  5. Sith
  6. Chicken Feet
  7. EMP

Maybe one or two more but that’s it. This portal coupled with the previous 2-3 have been my worst by far since the farm era began (yep).

Didn’t see my first leg for quite a few refuels (don’t recall). I got most of my leggies on the second day and near the end. Which is strange because I saw my best drops during the first day, inside the first 12-24 hours.

nerfed portals are fun though lmfao

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i got 0 legendaries… but i did get enough money to myth my abomination

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Did you 10 refills?
It’s minimum.

Says who?

what didn’t i do!
i just never get the items man
never, i always get them later (except for emp… i got it literally at the final farm i did that day before it closed… worth it for that short time before the nerf)