Sharing one of my favorite rock albums

Hemispheres by Rush is THE album for great sounding stories and instrumentals. The main piece of the album is a 15 minute masterpiece of a story, and it has great music to go along with it too. It’s a pretty short album with only 3 other songs, all being really good soft and hard rock, including one 9 minute instrumental.

This is truly a great album for progressive rock. It isn’t as hard of rock as some of their other albums, but it’s still just as good.

Here’s what the stories of hemispheres are about if you are interested:


The first song on this album, Cygnus X-1 hemispheres is a story about the gods of wisdom and war fighting over who is better for survival. We here both of them sing about how good they are and what their effects on the human species are. But their war brings sadness and suffering to all humans. And only the prophecy of the god of balance, Cygnus can help end the everlasting war.

The 3rd song of the album called “The trees” is just one huge simile of the civil war. It’s about 2 different types of trees always disagreeing with each other and their effects on the forest.


Googled it found the lyrics,fucking loved them!

The song,alhough deep and ispiring,I think it could use a tad bit more weight to it :smiling_imp:

Even my mom liked this (yep,full volume) and I got a nostalgia vibe.I never listen to anything other than metal :laughing:


Awesome! I’m so glad someone liked it the lyrics at least. All my friends only listen to shitty rap so its nice to know someone who doesn’t think i’m a weirdo for my music taste lmao.


Liam.M.Lucas_2020, I love Rush since kid-teenage time. I have original LP back at parents house :grinning:


Dang, that’s pretty sweet.

I think I have a vinyl of 2112 at my dads somewhere…