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share your stories and anecdotes with others, so we can have fun for a while
They can be funny, shameful, terrifying or whatever


I’ll share the scariest one ever…
I was once home alone, my parents had gone out somewhere and would be home at around 1 in the morning…
It was a school holiday… I decided to stay up and play some games… I then realise I need to go for a dump…
I go to the toilet, pull my pants down and start doing my business… I look around, no toilet roll… I groan in frustration and get up and waddle outside the bathroom to the cupboard where we store the toilet roll… I look in and see.
I let out a loud scream of fear…
I hobble back over to the bathroom… I just shit there until my parents come back home…
Probs the worst thing ever…


Hmm… Here two stories, “Hit by a car in parking lot” and “Almost got hit by a car at T-intersection.”

Hit By A Car in Parking Lot
My brother and I were walking in the college parking lot, when I was looking down at my ipod not paying attention what was in front of me. All of a sudden a car hits both my right and left Tibia at the same time makes me jump back landing on both feet. No damage, girl tripped out. Got lucky there. I should have sued for money. lol

Almost Hit By a car at T intersection
I had the right away crossing a “T-Intersection.” The pedestrian light was blinking green. I’m crossing and I’m about 12 feet away from the sidewalk. I look to my right and I see a “RED Truck” speeding making an extra lane near the curve, on a red light. It passes me by being and a few inches away from hitting me.


A frog was in my shoe when I put it on.
It felt slimy, cold and jumpy.



Lets see… Here another real story…

“Fell Off The Top bed of Bunk Bed dreaming of falling off building”
So this really happened to me when I was about maybe 5 - 8. I’m the youngest in my fam. My next oldest was afraid of heights, so made me sleep on top bunk bed. One night I was dreaming of falling off of a building, for a while. I hit impact when I fell off the foot board end. (They didn’t make bunk beds with foot safety back then.) When I hit impact, I landed on my brothers black lamp. It frkn hurt. I couldn’t breath.


in kindergartan…i went to a stadium…to dance with yr 6…# SCARIEST THING IN MY LIFE!!!


i danced with a crowed of…about 200 people


I accidentally touched a girl’s breasts inn a tight crowd and she slapped me.

True story.


oooohhh,ouch m8.that must have really hurt+why did you do that?


3 friends of children who go on vacation,mountain with 4x4 car

and then it was dark they found abandoned house
sometime later they will sleep
there was something weird.
knocks on the back …, nightmare night and
a friend saw 2 peasant ghosts

so in the morning they discovered was an old cemetery that exists more ,ouch


It was an accident.
Needee to get out of that part of the shop. While lightly pushing people to the side.

Next thing that happened, I felt a soft, round object and later something else came at a high velocity to my face.


That reminds me, My cousin did that once in a crowded pool.


This is why I hate crowds lmao.
Bad stuff happens.


Well, I’m also going to show one of my own, as you may know thanks to the post show of your age, I am 16 years old and I am a hermaphrodite, I have both reproductive organs and I look like a girl, when I start studying in I had to go a week before classes began to discuss issues related to my “situation”, one of many things was that I had to wear the female uniform (and that included wearing a skirt and I still have to use this type of uniform) so well, after some discussions and see that I could not win and wear pants, I ended up accepting

a week later the classes started and as soon as I entered the institution i needed to pee, then I went to the nearest bathroom and unfortunately, unconsciously I entered the men’s bathroom (in the primary school where I studied I did not have problems with my appearance so I could use the men’s bathroom) I went into the bathroom and it was empty so I started doing my things, I lifted my skirt (I had never used one so I did not know what else to do) suddenly another guy comes in and sees me, My first reaction was to ignore it because I did not remember that they did not know about me here, but then the boy asks me what I do here that the women’s bathroom is on the side, at that moment I realize the situation, but it was already very late to do something so the only thing I did was to keep looking at the wall and avoid eye contact, he also seems to realize what was happening, since he also started doing his business (obviously at 2 urinals away) and from what I could see, He tried to see if it really had a sausage, and we did not say anything solomirabamos to the wall and we hoped that one would finish (all this took like 30 seconds but they felt like years) and just when I finished, I put my skirt down and go to wash my hands, and by the reflection of the mirror I see that the boy was also a little nervous, and when he finishes I’m ready to go to the classroom they told me last week, and that’s where I see that the boy also comes behind me, I try to lose it and I achieve it, and when I finally arrive to the classroom, he also arrives there and the teacher assigns him the desk right next to mine, the good thing is that in the end, all day went on with “normality”
and a funny fact: that boy is currently one of my best friends
sorry if something is not understood, English is not my native language


wow so scary
20000000000000 charcters


men youy have really bad luck with cars


Lol! I hate that.

That’s why I pack not just one toilet roll, but a whole pack of toilet rolls! :relieved:


thats the nightmare of every human alive


hey rc1 a 35+ years old person like you sure have somthing interesting to tell


Hmm… Should I tell the story of “Shit’s in the Pools”