Share your Mech design


Post a pic of what it looks like and maybe give some thought into it.
Here are my three 1st best designs. You seen them before in other post.
First one was Heat, used is a lot. Though you can’t see, there is an Inferno Mark II behind Hell Force. That was the Idea to keep it hidden.

Second was evergy. Didn’t really use, because I still suck with this type of mech

Third was old school physical. The original only had two Demolish-er Mark III. Every time used this one, almost every battle player assumed this was a weak mech. They automatically thought that they had the upperhand. Miss this one.

More designs to come.


My personal favourite. Really proud of this one. Shame there’s no way it’d ever work now.


Nice, like the design, especially the color.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ 2014 times

¯_(ツ)_/¯ 2015 times


i don’t really have much of an imagination


Omgggg old stuff!!! I love ittttttt.
I cant really post anything cuz well my first mech was the boring god mode phys mech…

I really like the fluffball’s mech. I try to imagine the meta back then and it looks soooo strong. The full fusion is a lovely touch hee hee. :heart_eyes:

Also the old mech workshop looks a lot better than the current one…


My design of Heat type. It is my design, and not a copy. I have not seen this one in any battle either. It keeps me in rank 1.


One of my two best friends

No chance now
I put a extra armor module there :sweat_smile:
Torso was level 16



Not perfect, but i love it


Topics gone a bit quiet…

This is my Fav Mech.

24 HP
6 Damage
1 Range



That cool, I like that pic Elcent


Old times

More old times


not my main mech, but my very first build, fully upgraded


This here is one of my mechs build. I have not seen this one ever in battle. Keeps me in rank 1. Does the job in both arena and campaign at the minute.