Share your 69 supermechs moments!

ive been getting way too many 69’s on sm. so why not make a thread? ill start.

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ive had moments like those a lot in campaign.whats ur torso, also im almost rank 11 and i dont have all myth.

I’d go for a Zarkares, but not sure

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i do have a zark. its divined.

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ok. nice (20 characters friiiiiick)

wow. upgrade a sith and put the devouring paws on it. if u get avenger, use it. can i see the rest of ur inventory?

On first try, just by looking at the stats and the weapons LMAO

HaHa FuNnE SHeX nUmBEr

Dont flag this,i was jokin

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not 69 but yeah

that image was a few moths ago tho

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its an energy/heat fighter.

I’ve gotten 2 consecutive 666’s

And also a lotta 69s

LMFAO with what?This text will be blurred

Do this for 20 characters <.twentycharacters> (without the dot)

Also… zark is better than sith or avenger XD

lol i just ralized that ive had 4 69 moments in the past 4 hr. mostly hp stuff.


I had 2,400 HP, reduced to 1,666, then 666

Someone find the 69 stuff I posted in the BTB Lounge

Oh my gosh.
Many posts.
Not looking through them thx.

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