Share Yo Mechs Bruddasss

So, yeah. I made another chat for a “share your mech” thing. I don’t have a picture of mah mech, but I can still share it. (Also, Winz_Kay. Congrats at skull rank! I hope you can be one of the best!) So, here is what my mech is for rank 14 - 13.

Kraken Torso- Legend level 16
Annihilation - Legend level 26
Annihilation - Legend level 25
Nightfall - Legend level 27
Ironboots - Legend level 16
Void Drone - Legend level 27

68 energy regen
111 energy
308 heat
103 cooling.
24 Physical Resis
20 Explosion Resis
24 Energy Resis

44 AM

31 AM

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Naga-legend lvl 29
Charged walkers-legend lvl 19
Malice beam-myth lvl 17 (first myth)
Last words-legend lvl 24
Hungering beam-epic lvl 22
Hysteria-legend lvl 21
Crow drone-maxed epic

219/114 energy
225/105 heat
1089 HP

Pretty weak,isn’t it?

No. That actually good. I really like the Malice Beam Mythical. Also, good job getting it! For the Legs, I would prefer the Lightning Supporters, but that works too. Are you around rank 10?

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Rank 9 right now(but usually rank 10)

Well that is close to rank 10. Maybe you can update your profile picture now. It would look cooler (owo)b

Maybe tomorrow…my brother is hogging the PC right now :grinning:

Oh gosh xD I have the computer to myself, since it is a school chromebook. Is this weird, but I really want a sibling. It is so lonely :frowning:

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Here ya go Kn0tn0YT

HP - 1655
Energy - 354
Heat - 350
Regen - 183
Cooling - 187

Mythical Iron Boots lvl 39

Mythical Windigo lvl 40

Maxed Nightfall

Maxed Annihilation

Epic lvl 4 Nightfall

Night eagle legendary maxed

Mythical Murmur lvl 4 (I need a Void)

can you post pics with your mech description

I know but it isn’t working for me so…yeah

mine? Zark max myth
Iron boots max myth
DB max Myth
Desolation max myth
Supreme canon max myth
Twisted flux max myth
All modules max myth (4 epic plates and modules at max myth)

can i see a picture of your mech

can’t do it now. Around rank 5 right now



I change my mech around a good bit depending on who is online…

But the things I have maxed myth that I use are
Naga, Brutality and Zarkares
Lightning supporters
Myth lightning hook and myth teleport (not maxed)
Valiant sniper
Grim cobra/last words I switch them sometimes
Ash creator
Windforge. Sometimes use face shocker briefly but always switch back after I lose a bunch

The beast in the background is my work in progress… be afraid…

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Still have a hard time getting items but got these:
-Lightning Supporters(legend)
-Night Eagle(myth)
-Spartan Carnage(legend)
got some problems of the drone so i chose this first

41 PM

Still waiting on that second valiant sniper and bunker shell

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Quick update I changed cosmos with nemo

Hello @Karl_Andre_Bonnevie!

Let me tell you something…(off topic)
You can actually edit your post,just click the pencil(button).