Hi guys! :scream: I’m Shadowsinthenight! :scream:

I’m nobody and i’m not so social. For that i like superchs. A single’s game.
So, I do this post only for badge.
What can I say? It’s been 1 year I play supermechs and I still have to build 1 mech. :cry: Ummm, long story!

I have, in this moment, 6.000.000 XP.
I usually play 600 - 700 games 1v1 per week with a ratio of 70 - 80%.
You can find me in top 100 like in top 3000. I jump a lot.

In this year, the game had a lot of problems, bugs, which made me go out of mind, and maybe, like a pretty woman that makes you fall asleep, it made me feel attached.
But I am convinced that the game still has bugs and hacks to solve and that I believe a bastard of hacker creates problems with my games. Okay. This is another story.

I think that’s enough, I greet my many fans :wink:


Benvenuto caro amico e vicino!!! I am from Greece you from Italy.

Welcome :slight_smile:


im ur biggest fan. pls embrace meee!!!


^ embrace the dude that posted before me


:joy: sure :joy:


YES OMG. SEMPAI NOTICED ME. I can die happily now.


dont diee!!! until i kill you!!! :imp: and hi youtuber kid who dont know how the energy works, welcome :slight_smile: