Sh!tpost thread

Wakanda forever!!!

Ara ara, this thread is still going~?

I hate bananas cuz they look like a wiener.
If you eat bananas, you are homo.

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i guess im equivalent to 209 homos then


You are a trophy, why do you need nutrition?

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I smell negativity. Wait no I am surrounded by negativity. I have bad smelling.

trophies need a lot of nutrition

to uh… prevent people denting them… cough sean

  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  • Dimes For Crimes

  • Greasy work For Inexpensive Deals

  • Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price

  • Unclean Actions At A Below Average Cost

  • Bad Shits With A Price Not Really That Expensive

  • Unlawful Actions At An Unusually Low Price.

  • Illegal Deals With a Charge Lower Than The Ground

  • Doing something bad that will probably will get me behind bars but it’s a pretty good price if I say so myself

  • Ain’t a lesbian, but 20$ is 20$

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I just met a girl on DeviantArt… she’s like 30 but acts like a 12 yo annoy girl :V

Mayu is a small girl she’s 7, she live in a peaceful village with her dad and her mom. One day, Mayu and her dad go camping… it was fun, Mayu thoguht she will have the best day ever but…

I look at my chair it black… but doesn’t it white… I remember that I painted it… so I paint it white… but doesn’t that it black?


I saw one of minionaplha’s old videos. I now know his voice, because he talked in his videos back then. :smiling_imp:

Wait “deep shit” is one word?

Its not.
Though dipshit is 1 word.

I just spent all fucking day to watch stein gate!!
worth it

Hmm… you have to be careful with me around… :smiling_imp: just kidding


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