Sh!tpost thread


What do you call a buggy on cracks?
A tank


1 hr to New Year here! Gd N8 Oll! :point_right::skull_crossbones:


What do you call a tank that makes buggies eat cracks that make them stare at short woke people while cutting a monkey’s hair as your gf gives you an indignant expression?

A Carrot Toe exploding whale farts sea crescent upshot into truncated fuel injection system as a whirlwind drills into the Earth’s core that has now been annexed by Helsinki and then SM boxes rain from the skies containing radical items with Linkin Park lyrics etched into them open source bollards are up for sale under your bed when the local dimension mergers swing back and fourth from ear to eye, you can only scare them away using plasma cutters which should grow on the trees outside in your garden but be sure not to evacuate your bowls when you retrieve them okay lmao I am a sosig.


in the UK its still the evening so you still have time to get to 1k since you care about that shit for whatever reason


The timer has been set. Entries will have to abide by my post above. Bad Sh!t posts shall be deleted.


@Elcent and @Misfit dwel it out in an epic battle of glory for Shitpostia.

This edit was too good not to post.







What about eggs that turn you into a pill?

Seriously? Xyzconk, I trusted you.

Goodness gracious, Elcent is full on stalking this post.

#HI Elcent!

And then you merge my posts as a greeting… seriously?


You’re evading the real question here, which is…

What about the chickens that lay pill eggs which turn you into a chicken that lays more pill eggs and thus the cycle of-



And is this PILL, EGG, CHICKEN process just a regime put in place by the powers that be? Mayhaps Elecent’s?


Which came first, the pill or the velociraptor?


The epic rap battle between Egg Egg and… model car wrapped in golden foil?

“You think doing this is easy?”


I have discovered the secret to life. Thank you, Xyzconk.


Elcent, if I find you anywhere on another forum where I’m the moderator, I’m going to ban you to high heavens for this.

                           .-:.                   ``                                            
                         `hNdhdd-              `+dddmo`                                         
                         oMMNmNMh              oMNhdMMy                                         
                         oMMMMMN/              /MMMMMMo                                         
                        :dd++o/.                -shhmm+                                         
                        ody                         -hdo                                        
                        :dd.                         odh                                        
                         sdy.                       /dh:                                        
                         `odh.                     .hd+                                         
                          `ddy.                    sdy`                                         
                          .dddy:`                  hd+                                          
                          -dddddy-.`             `+dd-                                          
                      +dh- /dNMhydNmhhhmMMdyyymNd+ :dd-                                         
                      hds  `hdMmyyyyyyyyddyyyyNmd.  odh.                                        
                      -hd+  /dNMmhydmNNhyyyyydmds`   ody`                                       
                       -hdo``sdmNNNMMMMNhhhdmmh+     .dd:                                       
                        .ydo` -+hmmNMMMMNmNmh+.       sds                                       
                         .ydy`  .+hdddddddy/-         sds                                       
                          `dd/    `sdddddy            sds                                       
                          `dd/     :dsydd/            sds                                       
                         `sdy`    :ho`+dd:            yds                                       
                        .yds`    -ho  sdy`          .sdh.                                       
                       .hdo`     os   sd/           ydy`                                        
                       sdy       +h   -d:           sds                                         
                      `dd/       oo    y-           :dd:                                        
                      `dd/      :y`    /:            /dd:                                       
                       +dh-     .s     -o             ody                                       
                        +dd.    .h-     o             ody


Those words contradict each other.


Stage 1: Denial


This is the regime we must face.

Let’s get this Elecent propaganda machine running bois. :speaking_head: :no_entry_sign:
I’ll start!


This user was banned until 193729729472 years from now

Reason: Bad post



it’s okay, we know.


Baby honey, I’M LOADED
…with knives