Sh!tpost thread


If you look at the link, we actually surpassed 1000 replies, it’s just that @Elcent deleted them all (xD)

Give me back the regular role so I can have more likes, pls


Well, he didnt dekete them all, but there were quite s few that were breaking the rules.


Granted, i dont enjoy getting reprimanded and having my posts removed. But usually it’s my fault it happens and he’s only doing his job



Still, that’s 79 posts missing…




Almost 1000~


I ate an orange yesterday, was much tastier than a white.

Rarityisoverrated (hashtag).



I guess I have to fill this up to 1k~




In respect to the legend that is Kaen i ask that further sh!t posts are done with the time and effort that a proper sh!t poster would take to post. No more of these quick gifs without at least a line if not a paragraph giving some background information. Nor these continuous anime posts that are littering the thread.

If you need any examples of these I ask you to check the first 100 or so messages from Kaen himself.

Thank you for you cooperation.


Don’t feel sorry for me I’m doing great.

I hope they find a cure for your disease :frowning:






how to speak to spider torsos when it’s high vroom
delet this


yes no more teletubby shit