Sh!tpost thread


ok but like Ariana Grande legit licked donuts and hated America


She didn’t blow up though…




@Xzyckon this would be a thread for you


Someone​:joy:Tried To Tell Me There Was 50​:joy: States In America​:raised_hand::raised_hand::joy::joy:.
Like No Ni​:b::b:a :eyes: Scientests :blonde_man: Found dat Pluto Ain’t even Exist :100::100::100::100::raised_hand::raised_hand::eyes::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to download something but it ends up being a porn virus so you get so scared that that your pants fall off as you’re trying to delete it but then your mom walks in but she doesn’t believe you


To anyone wondering, about half of these i make up on the spot. The other half, im copying and pasting from my facebook wall because im currently kinda deppressed and not feeling too creative.




Zayn​:man_with_turban:Left :joy::airplane:️One Direction​:cold_sweat::broken_heart:But I Won’t :no_entry_sign:Leave You​:v:️Send this :love_letter::speech_balloon:To 15 :busts_in_silhouette:People​:point_right: Your :revolving_hearts:Best Friends​:revolving_hearts: That You Will Never Leave​:kiss:




ok but i just want a cute boy that will give me cuddles and hand-feed me pizza while we watch netflix


tfw you assume that gurls prolly like perfect 10/10 lads but then realize you’re single :’(



The search for the least funny thread on the Internet is finally over

@Zealot I’m disappointed that you’ve descended to this level :disappointed: :expressionless:



ahh I’m bored, leave me alone


Alfie’s just jelous and want some attention as well
Please Give him the so wanted attention ,Guys :wink:


Alfie, come back when i claim that this thread is in any way humorous. And as far as i remember, this forum is a bully-free zone. Some of us are just trying to have fun. Which you seem to be completely unable to do. Why do you have a forum account if all you do is complain and insult people?


I think This comes in handy here