Sh!tpost thread


Post whateva. Im gonna use this like i used my facebook wall.


I dont remember if i was the one that put My Little Pony as my website or if someone else done it, but if it was someone else, just know that,


Did u lads know that if u listen to a certain version of Left,Right by YG, in the ending, the lads say “tryina get Louisiana fried :b:icken” and “ayy what time that muthafucca :b:lose, :b:lood?” To which he gets a response of “shit, i think like :b:even o’:b:lock”. T​:b:h y’all :b:aggots making me feel un​:b:omfortable


Actually tbh idk if anyone can even change my we​:b:site. I think i might have set that myself and forgot :b:out it.


Ne🅱er for🅱et


Y’all mind if i become a trap?


ok but technically i read the rules and im not breaking any by making this thread


Someone plz link forum rules before i get :b:anned



ok but like i think TheGuardian likes me


Goodnight Kaen :heart:


Omg how did you know i was boutta pass out? I used to shitpost before bed all the time on facebook.


Shitpost was a dead giveaway :smiley:


Just a little more and I’ll pass out


I keep extending lol. “About to go to sleep” at 9pm. Start posting and end up actually falling asleep at 4am


ok but like, this man needs to be stopped


Tbh i didn’t come here to impress anyone. That happened naturally


after finding out he impregnated some chick
"Are you saying that what we did in private and twice on a sidewalk did this?"

-Bender (from Futurama)


Do u lads remember back when Ariana Grande licked donuts and hated America and was kinda irrelevant, but then outta nowhere she blew up? Popularity-wise


Mulan was just a reverse trap