SGC-Related Love, Water, and Pepper


APPARENTLY there’s so much general angst related to eras which we have been a part of in any form, official as an alliance or just a few members. It’s driving other threads off-topic and that’s just annoying on forums.

Got some beef? Lay it out here. We won’t be responding to anything anywhere else from now on.


Someone is feeling important lmao


You’re not even really in SGC

They just needed a new Patrick because the previous one opened his eyes


Not even really in it? Mate, I was in it before we even knew who you were.

If that’s the best insult you can generate then I’ve already won and we can just close this thread.


We still don’t, hes called ‘Stranger’ for a reason


Sakrie, you’re the only one from your team responding. You’re the only one who cares.
Quit it xD


It’s funny because I wasn’t the one who started the Off-Topic nonsense in other threads. I literally tried to point out it was stupid and made everybody look like idiots.


Why did you raze my presents :frowning:


Who tf is SGC? Never heard of these posers lmoa. Anyway, I hope I used enough characters to rek your dum alliance. PEACE :eggplant:




ayyy lmoa

What the heck is this message?


well have you tried the heart button?


I don’t have a heart, that’s why I’m me. (But just because people might be curious about the new forum’s mechanics, yes I have ‘Liked’ things)


i swear if this is Alfie again. Im tired of hearing him talk about his alliance on other worlds. Like is it even relevant ? Who is SGC? Are they important? I havent heard of them until Alfie started to rant about them in other worlds… must not be as good as any alliance KAPP is in… I’ve been playing since the game started and the only names that i feel worth remembering is KAPP, Stone, SoLd, HiNi, Raider, and Guardian.


Not Alfie… thank god :heart:


We’re important enough for people to even bother responding to. I know you’re straight trolling because of that hilarious list of “elite players”

Next question please!


i didnt say there were all good. Just guardian and Raider are worth remembering bc they are Iceman minions. However, KAPP has won many eras with GOO


i mean yall are not on the same level of FEAR or Francium, because if you guys were i wouldve heard more about u lol


I know you’re trolling because you think somebody who is a “minion” is good. 3/10 try.

(I do agree with saying Kapp is good however.)


u misunderstand, not saying they are good. just worth remembering because they will betray you for reds and the chance to lick Ice’s toes