Sets with vandal rage

ok, so im trying to learn what kinds of sets i should do that are unexpected and that are good with this gun, now the thing is that since it’s like 11 pm or so here imma read all the suggestions tomorrow after school
i know that vandal is a trashy gun, but if used properly it can be op like dual vandal!

that would be cool well i think it could be used in a just right heat build i will try and figure it out

maybe dual corrupt light and dual vandal, grappling, hook, something to push enemy into range like terror cry maybe

Repulser is better for pushback. Unless you’d like to also do major damage with push back. Then both work.

Grave diggers and repulser/terror cry

I have no idea how it works but it does

it has a murmur so thats how , i just drain the cooldown lmao

This build works super well - vandal rage does cooling damage and resist drain - and its energy free, which just goes perfectly with everything else. Drone is mythical murmur, hook and teleport but no charge. Its pretty strong against phys and heat, but suffers against electric - it can fight just fine drained, but the extra damage can really add up.

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This build really does work well. it basically demolished my main mech last night.

P.S. Magma Blast, Reckoning (the shotgun) and Murmur are premium, meaning virtually impossible to get ^^

If you have atleast a murmur , my somewhat f2p mech is the best with vandal rage.

mech is above in the topic

Wait - do you mean I met you in PVP? That’d be cool :smile:

Yes, I know it relies heavily on prem items… and the new update doesn’t do it any favors, since resist drain and cooling drain can’t be upgraded.

Yup, your’s is more F2P than the other ^^

wow, those are some nice changes but, THE PREMIUMS!!! :sob:
it’s now impossible to find one!

Murmur’s drop quite oftenly for me…

I got like 5 of them in the life time of reloaded

Let’s just say you annihilated the living shit out of it before I could even blink lmao

Fun fights, amazing mech!


Nice one! I’ll have to rewatch the replay now. But GG! :grin:

Also, look at that hp bar… Twinsies! :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’ll see with what i can improvise to make a anti cool-down build, i already have 2 vandals, and 2 corrupt lights so i’ll see what other things i can use to make this happen

Vandal and murmur is devastating , not a lot you can do.

Not practical.

true but it’ll dal 92 cool-down damage once mythed

Eh, its good and bad. 92 cooling and 40 resist drain is pretty powerful… But you can only (realistically) carry 2 other weapons. If you can make that work, more power to you… but its pretty hard.