Seth is back and ready to play

So Iv been away for a few years. Looking to get back into things, if anyone wants me on, ill go to first person who wants me.

-Seth of Diehard


Dont join George :smiley: AHHAHAA

Welcome back!

I think I remember you. Big proponent of a damage-based squad build I believe. And was it BoS or WN…? Your avatar also reminds me a lot of Ice of Ice City (was that his name?).

Hope you enjoy your stay. :grinning:


Yea that was me. Reckless and always in search of a fight.

Welcome back Seth. :slight_smile:

Welcome Back !!

I hope this time u will check before turning into the enemy sqauds that if ur army got spy damaged or not :wink:

Bah, spys were the only way there ever beat me down.

Seth :scream: :astonished: :anguished: :open_mouth:

Hey djina, long time no speak.

Welcome back Seth. A few rounds just restarted recently, M1 and E3 just ended. E2 also may have restarted recently. Take a look in

eeeeyy, welcome back buddy :slight_smile: Good to see you back!

ill play an era with you…

call me if you’re playing an era would love the opportunity to play with you

ugh natsu, can’t trust this one

Welcome back Seth, how u been ?!!!*

Iv been good chase. Good to see your still around. Not many of my old team mates around.

Oh hey the elephant is back

Elephant? When did i get that nickname?

lol idk, i think someone might have been using a simmilar av.

i ran into one i thought was you but they had no idea who i was, i figured you were just being stuck up lol … glad to know it really was not you.

I remember my friends and allies. Me and you met on F4 if Im not mistaken.