Set up gate connection

I think it would be a great idea to have another spy/agent move. The idea of this is you place your spy on an enemy gate and plant an agent. to use this skill, your agent has to be on that gate for it to be triggerable. When you trigger the skill, your agent gets used up and if you have more infil than they have sp, the spy hacks the connection on the gate and connects it to a single gate of your own alliance, creating a connection starting from the next tick for 3-6 ticks depending on how lucky you are. both gates have to have active connections (24 ticks of control) and the connection works both ways. so, you might open a portal that your enemies might be able to use instead if you do it wrong. this will be another way of bypassing camp walls if your enemies have a gate anywhere in there without much protection. it would work the same way as having your army on an op or colony that you aren’t in an alliance with anymore. you would only be able to move from it. not attack. if a third alliance attacks that gate, both your army and the army of the players that own that outpost would defend, just like if you have units on a op your alliance doesn’t own

  • yes, add this spy move
  • no, this is a bad idea, and i will say why below
  • this idea needs to get tweaked a bit and i would vote yes on it

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Idea is good but i feel that the cost of doing this should be absurdly high.
Like around 250 E or something around that range,Because it does make the camp walls and all useless

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technically, no. it doesn’t make camp walls useless. it just makes them different. not as many gates, if any. and you would have to add sp or put agents on your gates

cool idea but needs some limits coz it’d be op

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well, if the enemy downgrades the gate, the link breaks. so if you are active, shouldn’t be too game-breaking

And enemies cant attack from the gate when they get to it. only move from it.

or if the gate gets jammed, you wont be able to gate to it.

I see the point.

if in a 24 tick range (which is max range anyway) and having counters like being able to downgrade the “infected” gate + a sort of indication that this has happened via reports or marker on map.

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it would have a visual cue. like lockdown or radiation. and the owner would get a event notification.

i can see this being used extensively by backstabbing cunts. lol. setting up a connection with enemies that you are buds with so they can gate in.

but this seriously needs certain limits.
imagine this scenario -
You’re in Aussie and your enemy is in the indo camp cluster you made which made the war a stalemate.
he is able to infect one of the plenty gates you have in the war front EOT and jump a real deal of squads which makes your camp defense completely useless.

A real small radius of maybe 6-10 ticks would balance this.

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the thing is, most people try to safeguard their gates anyways so you would more likely find agents on a gate than a radar or mine or nuke. and and the link exists between 2 gates. no other gates can get in on the action.

yeah. that sounds reasonable. short range only.

welp, i came up with a version for radars. time to make another topic

no 24 CT, no gating. easy as that

we do have Sattlite Scan

Could possibly have it like the raze feature for more balance i.e Takes 3 ticks for it to convert, giving teams a bit of time to react.

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yeah. that sounds reasonable. it gives a timer before the connection starts

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