Server Update - 30 minute downtime


Hey everyone,
The Database needs an update so we are having a 30 minute downtime.



Great Idea! We still have 1 hour of Portal event, so it is now 30 minutes! GJ, TS team! Can’t you wait just 1 hour with the update?



up corner


No, as always I am wrong…

It is in fact 1 hour, so BYE portal, BYE goldies…


what is the update??


Don’t change all the items again!


No its 2 hour not 30 minutes


I am going to add another hour to it once we are live.


Thank you

Not that i need it. It should just help keep complainers from complaining too much


and that anxiety is very.:fearful:

They’ll break something useful or lose something valuable. :rolling_eyes:


We are back up.
It was not a visual update for players just some database maitenence.


If you expect the worst, everything will seem worse than usual for you, no matter how good it is.


the tendency is all too familiar and common

upd: how come you got “likes” from admin? And ye, long tormented by the question:do you have so many forum posts on the game the time left? Well, in addition the BD…


I hope something interesting


А по Русски можешь? Я не полностью поняль.


Do you have the time to game if you’ve so many forum posts?


Well, i have 2 accounts and they’ve been going along nicely. Besides the many forum posts and gaming, i manage to have a job where i work for 8 hours a day, and i watch anime in my freetime, which i have a lot of.

You could call me a miracle man.


Great that you informed us but I think maybe you forgot one bit:

“sorry for any inconvenience and all players get one fortune box, happy christmas!”


I name u the multiaccounter and the throll.

What You spoke recently on the TS position to multiaccounters?


to do that, best practice is to schedule updates/maintenance and inform players in advance for example to say “do not worry we add an hour to the portal” BEFORE some player has to complain.

If emergency shut down is necessary - well then compensation is easy… All angles can be covered, of course it is still up to us to do the most important part - enjoy the game :slight_smile:

complainers will complain until the complained have changed.