Server Speed Polling


As i’m a player ,like many ,who play in between holidays, it is quiet hard for us to find an era that we can complete

Because lets say we have a 20-25 days first 4 or 5 days we wait for a server to end,Then wait for havoc to end 2 days then another day for the start
That leaves very little time to complete a 1 or 2 tick era

So ONLY era we can play is 3 ticker that too if we are able to end era quickly

So My suggestion is
Either make more worlds with 3 ticker, 4 ticker
Because most players play fast worlds
Or Hold Polls like custom era’s for tick speed of every starting world

So players can plant accordingly

Because a lot of players dont plant on a resetting m1 e 1 or f1 because they know they cant complete it[poll type=multiple min=1 max=5 public=true]

  • -Yes Have A Poll Before Every Server Reset
  • -Have A Poll Before M2,E2,F2 reset for 2/3 tickers
  • -Have a poll for E3,F3 for 3/4 tickers
  • -Add 4,5 ,6 tickers
  • Tweack?


Contrary to your belief, more people play on slower worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

I also am a 15 year old HS student, and I still manage to pull off 3 tickers. BD is a time heavy game and you gotta know how to manage that.

I do think a 4 ticker would be nice tho, since the only 4 ticker open atm is on galaxy.


I don’t completely agree with this, but I agree to a certain extend.

Some eras should be arranged specifically keeping in mind the needs of players who play in summers. In other words I mean era should be arranged keeping summer players as primary target audience.
I won’t be surprised if a 4 tick world becomes success in summers seeing that players mostly give everything they have to the era during that time.


As being a teen myself and i have to go to college so it becomes difficult to play in study days i can only play when i have some holidays like for a month or so and same like others said we have to find a 2,3 tick era to end
So,it shortens the time and we can play very few eras so my advice is that add some more 3 tickers like in mars and Fantasy etc and a 4 ticker etc so we can enjoy as much eras we can in some specific holiday period :))


I would love to see a 6 ticker with a few things changed. eg shield lasts longer, resource cap slightly increased.


So we all do agree that we need fast worlds
-For quicker resets
-Playable by players who are back for like 16 to 20 days for a short and quick game


Add a poll into your first post with what tick speeds people prefer? from 1 tickers to 6?

Roughly time wise for an average era (1200 ticks)

  • 50 days on a 1 ticker

  • 25 days on a 2 ticker

  • 17 Days on a 3 ticker

  • 13 days on a 4 ticker

  • 10 days on a 5 ticker

  • 8 days on a 6 ticker

Which is why i would like to see a 6 ticker implemented as it could run almost weekly. It would be hell to play but only a week commitment. Perhaps also only during the holiday months when BD becomes more popular?

@TheBurner Please could you make a poll?


I dont know how to :sweat:

  • 50 days on a 1 ticker
  • 25 days on a 2 ticker
  • 17 Days on a 3 ticker
  • 13 days on a 4 ticker
  • 10 days on a 5 ticker
  • 8 days on a 6 ticker

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See the top bar when you make a post? the gear at the end will help you :slight_smile:

I’m also going to move this to the suggestions forum.

When making a poll make sure you have it correct first time as after 5 minutes you can’t edit it.


Ty Done


You forgot to add a negative answer to your poll! How can people disagree with the suggestion? :stuck_out_tongue:

My Tweak is that voting shouldn’t be done but a faster world Would be nice for those of us that have the odd week off but not longer. And to be run only in busy BD times so that it doesn’t become a dead era.


Im so sorry
I cant edit it
We will have to wait for a mod to change the poll


Sadly Mods cant edit polls even though it says they can :confused:

As only 2 of us have voted you might be able to copy the poll. Delete the original poll and re-post the poll with the added option and we can vote again?


Aye k

Sadly I cant even remove the poll


1200 ticks only seriously?
When we are already talking how in summers almost all HS players give everything they have to offer we expct the eras to be more war torn. With a 1200 tick limit it doesn’t look fair tbh.
A 3 tick server should be atleast have some 2k ticks minimum.


Where do you get this limit from?? I gave an average of what current eras are active until 1 team is dominating and usually won’t get beaten. This can be (and has been) as short as 100 ticks when you have the right team.


Just saying, from what I’ve noticed so far, long drawn out eras, although very often more strategic, usually have huge lashback as the players involved are completely burned out. And it usually only becomes memorable for 1 side, not both. Whereas shorter eras with compact wars and a winner usually had both sides saying good fight at the end of it all. And USUALLY shorter tick limits make players aware of whom they have to fight and when. Now, E4 was a bad example because it was probably too short, but we wanted it short as we didn’t know what to expect (and if it went to hell in week 1, we didn’t want it to last a month).

Just food for thought overall though :slight_smile: