Server Restarting (let's find out what they broke now)


Making this hella early because I want to see what’s changed once it’s completed.



They are just sending the Platinium Plates …

The 10 winners of the …

“Platinum Plating” …

Platinum plating

A R E …

Congratulation to all winners :exclamation:



Well knowing their track records with things. I wouldn’t be surprised if that “broke”.

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winners are the tryhards who spent 99.99 dollars just so they can by 15 quintillion premium packs

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Aaaand, there goes my daily Raid… I still have 3 minions to kill… But nope, I guess it will time out… @Sarah247, will you find a solution?


It’s already up. If you’re still going to try and get it done before it’s over. lol

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@Rage this gone be good? EH EH? EHHHH?


I see. what you did there xD and to answer that idk and I don’t like the idea of forcing me to do 2v2s because the next time I get matched with another top player I will lose my ********************* :slight_smile:

well that was a fast fix

Wow that’s dumb*… (forgot it’s 2018 people get triggered easily).

People barely have 1 good mech. Welp this gone be fun lmao

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Yay no more 1vs1 in high ranks…

they changed something ?

Yep they added this and probably gave people their plates.


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its true, when a low player does a 2v2 since there are no others like them or their rank the game just pairs them with the next person that clicks the 2v2 button
lets say I click 2v2 (and since all top players scare all low players from 2v2s" and wepwawet clicks 2v2s PERFECT!! I get paired with one of the most merciless players in the game…cheers

I just laid into the bullshit that is these devs mentality.

I honestly can’t believe I left two other games for this very same bullshit, only for it to continue to happen elsewhere. My god. I’m done.


its restarting again

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