Server Restart... Aww what now?



I know @Sarah247 will might say “Just a simple server restart” or something, so not that kind of important… Right?


Maybe Bug fixes or something


One thing for sure, I can’t see the HP. :expressionless:


I started batting then this thing came


This is a foreshadowing of a new L-M portal from my experiences. Expect a portal after this Gold special.


me too I fineshed my battle :slight_smile:


I wanted to play new campaign


They need to take a rest in few minutes!


I think they are giving the gold raffle rewards???


They are preparing for a new item/mech shop. I call it. New release will be tomorrow.


Or they are gonna give the new youtuber 10k tokens free??


Nah its a offer :stuck_out_tongue: ok I found it forst :stuck_out_tongue:


its about improving your mech

for 49,99 dolars