Server Maintenance in EoT times


I know that freeze ticks were implemented to stop DDoS and such and I know it fixes certain problems, but the crash tick is quite annoying for a lot of players. Particularly on world’s such as E2 and M2, there are actually 2 freezes per day. For me, being GMT +10, these crashes occur at 2pm and 4:30pm.

Can we not move maintenance time, to say, 10 minutes into an hour? (e.g. 2:10pm). That way, it won’t affect any worlds with freeze time, as 1 ticks would have 50 minutes left in a tick, 2 ticks have 20 minutes left, and 3 ticks have 10 minutes left. I’m not sure if moving the backup/maintenance time is possible, but if you can, I suggest we move it to this time so that there is no interruption to gameplay. [poll public=true]

  • Move the maintenance time to this timeslot
  • Keep it as is
  • Other idea (please specify)


i am too sleep-deprived to comprehend what you mean but it something about eot and fixing and the annoying pause thing being no good. so i agree.


that was the only suggestion zealot made that make sense since a long time …
so i agree hahaha


@Alexander, can you perhaps shed a bit of light on this? Just due to the crashes lately. I know that the causes for the longer ones were different but yeah, just wondering if this is possible or not. :grin:


Probably not as its not up to me, but I added a change to the update already before.

It’ll try to run a tick 5 minutes after it was skipped, which should mitigate such things a little, with short downtimes.