"Server is busy" message


I keep getting this message after BD takes 10 mins to load I scroll for about a min then I get the “sever is busy” message and I have to reload it for another 10 mins and so on. At first I thought it was my internet but everything apart from BD seems to be working fine and after speaking to George he seems to be experiencing the same problem. Anyone else keep getting the same message?


Yes, it’ taking longer than usual to load for me although my internet connection is fine.


Seems like this issue has been resolved. If I am mistaken, please reply.


Server crashes during eots alot

i can find it happening alot on e3


Yeah for me its stopped for now


Faced many times recently!
I usually play 1 ticker hence login 5 mins before the tick is gonna past for movements.
But due to this “SERVER IS BUSY” Causes lots of problems! Need to be resolved quickly