Server downtime


Insta depression. A kid’s heart cannot support that.


:expressionless: Tough Question , will reply after 20 years …


Nothing left to be said, fix the game or the game dies. Pretty simple


People know that they dont care.
Being a Jew has nothing related to being lazy and fixing problems


Hey folks,

We hear you and we definitely care, but please keep in mind however Battle Dawn is not a very large game and that does complicate things a little. We’d upgrade if we could, but there simply isn’t any upgrades left and additionally we’re running far too powerful (and expensive…) servers for BD.

Simple due the way BD is designed and the intense way it is scaled, please understand it will always have problems, BD was a game architected(tured?) in 2009, for at the time at most 100.000 accounts or so. Simply how it is, not something we can change after the matter.

~~ That said we are in communication with the SM team about it, and there are plans even now within the SM team to split up from BD over time. Additionally we might be able to turn off some things that help our games gain players to improve it a bit… We’re discussing that with them as well, but that’s a difficult balance.

If the company wouldn’t care about BD, we would simply shut it down. It’s a labor of love, everything made in BD is currently also spent in BD and sometimes more than that. We’re doing what we can here, and we do think we can improve the situation a bit, but the degree of it depends on the plans of our other (newer, much bigger) games as well. Just how it is, even with growing/improving Battle Dawn, it remains an old game that is comparatively rather small. We’re talking about SM mimicking our total member base in gains on a good weekend…

So yeah, we love Battle Dawn and we have achieved some really nice things with it (and sadly had some tough times too, though we managed to get past them in the end!) and we have no intention to abandon it or leave it as is.

I’m locking this topic as there’s not really much fruitful to add here, but I’ll add a poll so people can add times they’ve experienced downtime in case @EnerGY missed anything or perhaps experienced a downtime that wasn’t as global (thanks E!).



It’s a little clunky, forum doesn’t allow for polls like this. You have to “Change your vote” to add a second poll option so it may be a bit frustrating until more users add options. Sorry!