Server downtime


For everyone who’s confused about the times the domain Battledawn is down.

From my knowing it seems to be regular and the tick DOESN’T pass.
It doesn’t get paused either, it gets delayed.

The below times are in Central European Time (CET)

6:00 AM
7:07 AM
7:19 AM
7:40 PM
8:18 AM
8:26 AM
8:30 AM
11:25 AM

Just dropping these so everyone is more prepared during EOTs.
Now if i may have done any mistakes with the timings or it needs to be updated, Leave me a DM.


This has been a more recent occurence too,

lets see what Alex knows about all these downtimes


Honestly unacceptable how often BD goes down and always at similar recurring times. Makes the game unplayable for part of the day. BD’s update was supposed to time maintenance and have it go down once. Not like this. To have the BD Dev say there is nothing he can do about it, and then get no further comment from someone in the company can only lead players to believe, that the company simply no longer cares. Shut the game down at that point instead of working on further updates or trying to improve the population of the game. Why spend time/money on a simply broken game.

This is coming from a player who has spent the better part of his life playing this game and hoping for the best. Most of the time defending the company to other players and speaking up when there were failures to the player base.

Ofcourse, BD still has people spending money on it, people still have an addiction and competitive drive to win and it really seems like Tacticsoft is taking undue advantage.


Truth has been said.


How long can this continue? Everyone I know is getting pretty tired of it. It just feels that no one higher up ever cares atm…


Just shut the game for another 1 week if thats what it takes to fix the problem , but fix it atleast , no point to continue like this.


Congratulation, on seeing things how they are …
(attention : this is not against @Alexander as dev, I heard he do a great job at BD, he did for sure at Supermechs side)


That we expierence since 3 years at Supermechs side.

As you described correctly …

  • tacticsoft do not care about their players / playerbase

  • the support also for players who invested a fortune is very less to 0

What I do NOT get since years …

WHY :question:

WHY it seems (and I am not alone with this opinion, 90% of the players see it this way - just read the SM facebook side and search for positiv feedback) tacticsoft do this to their games / players :question:

BattleDawn and SuperMechs COULD be both great games, IF tacticsoft just would do a LITTLE BIT for their players :exclamation:

Instead every single update coming, make the game even worser for US players (<- not joking) … it is really like this.

Seeing you saying close the same, it makes me sad, cos I know both games WOULD have a great potential :grey_exclamation:

The “WOULD” is the problem :exclamation:



Shutting down the game won’t fix the issue. Fixing the issues would require TS to get their heads out of their bank accounts and decide to do what is necessary to fix it. That means splitting up SM and BD from the same servers. This was something they promised to do long ago, but then renegaded on that promise, and here we are. BD in its prime, had far more players than now and far less issues with the ticks.

Anyways, this will be ignored by anyone that can actually do anything about it. Just felt like letting off some steam.


werent they splitted when it happened the last time ??


I don’t think so.

They just tried to fix, without splitting it.


It was pretty annoying since most of the downtime happened around the time i was usually free, and the game was fine while i was working or trying to sleep. So i just quit. It’s a lot less stressful now.


For me it goes down on my sleep time, but I can’t rely on it as I do not know when it gonna be back working or not, so gotta always watch it.


Your sleep time… isnt that 20 hours each day? You really should active up if you want to win


Psi was spot on with his explanation I believe. The fixes they implemented were as far as Alex could go. Anything else requires Tacticsoft to work with their SM team and implement big changes. Not something they have been open to do anymore.


No much activity needed, server is down most of the time.


Well, that and the fact that there are like 4 actual human players per world


3, One is the Admin.


1 Admin
2 Anthrax
3 Plo
4 random kid (Mostly Psi)


:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:


The harsh truth comes out. A kid wins most rounds he plays. We all should be ashamed.

But why, do kids spend their most important years playing a game in which the creator and his company no longer care about.