Server Downtime for BattleDawn? Please share the precise time with us!

Downtimes are (unless in some rare occasion something special happens or an attack is done on the server) usually caused by some script meant to support BD and SM in some ways.

While we’re looking at more global solutions, this may take time. By filling in this poll, you can help show us what times are particularly prevalent and help us make decisions on what (sometimes rather important processes…) may be worth disrupting for this sake.

— Ideally everything can run without players noticing, but the way the game is set up unfortunately makes it get worse over time :frowning:

~~ Please don’t vote for SM downtimes. Additionally, joke answers are obviously not appreciated. if you’re here I assume you like the game and want it to get better. If you troll an attempt to improve things a bit, maybe you should find something to do that you enjoy more :slight_smile:

Thanks for voting!