SeraphBlade buff

The seraphblade was recently nerfed, along with other items in the game, and because of this change my previously heat mech with a max level heat seraphblade now has a physical sword and no real tactic. I would like to suggest adding a mechanism where, after updates, players can exchange an item that has been changed drastically for a similar level item of the same type and function (if possible).

Comment better versions of this idea or if you support it below please!

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Not possible because it is headache for developers to do that for few pilots.

Well, they really messed things up… first they make everything OP, then they nerf stuff to solve imbalances.

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Guess what, I’m sure they aren’t done making changes, for the worse.
Even the imbalance of heat weapons now make the user almost as hot as the damage done to the opponent along with more electricity use especially Mythical levels.

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it isn’t that bad at all. the new maxed seraphblade does 234-376 dmg :wink:

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It is that bad, the old seraphblade, right after the big update, did 250something to 396 damage, along with doing heat damage as well. That was the whole reason I chose to upgrade that one item instead of my torso. Now it does twenty less damage and 81 less heat damage.

Yeah, I can see what they are doing… I had also upgraded my grappling hook to legendary then level 40, so it did about 150 damage to 290 damage, now it does only 75…

Just had a fight with a guy with an energy sword, he seems to be able to use it across the map! wTH!! And my drone gave him knockback!??

here are the old stats.The new one does more damage

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those are the old stats after they nerfed it. It was 396 damage. At the start of the update (at the very beginning is when I got it) it did not quite 400 damage.

That is a picture that doesn’t prove my 396 damage claim, but it shows that it at least did 380. I didn’t even think to get better proof of this kind of thing. (But I did want proof of this crazy awesome weapon that I wasted too many legendaries on)

Mercy beats all