Separate leagues? an old idea from some sm player. now is a good time

currently i have no urge to pay , because there is no promising rewards ; even if i pay i would be far below in rankings compared to heavy spenders.instead divide this game (just the pvp) into several tiers.

tier 4 :play for free, hp can be boosted upto 2000,weapons do 100 -200 phys damages,max 100 ele/heat damages,max resistances 25 each; energy/heat max 250

tier 4 league matches are only for “play for free” players

once this max limit (on each item)is reached , a player has qualified for tier 3, pay certain number of tokens (number has to be decided by tacticsoft, as the are the ones making a living out of this virtual token money) to cross over to tier 3 .also players who are ready to pay from the beginning itself should be allowed to do so,so that they can cross over to tier 3 faster.

tier 3: low spenders(1-10 dollars per payment); higher class weaponry are available to them
tier 2: medium spenders(11-50)
tier 1;

each tier will have separate rankings, separate rank 1 players etc.

just think about this tacticsoft: just think like car manufacturers: why do they make cars in different price range; because they want every one to pay them whether it be a small or big amount ; all adds to their profit