Send me some tokens pls

Can someone send me 30 tokens?? my id:28350964

Sure, check your inbox

where is inbox? i have feeling you pranking me :smiley:

Put this number in the chat to get the 200 tokens 01-800-62-45

you think i am idiot?

Eh no but @Erik_Huang and he made a joke Do not take to heart the jokes please

i know he made a joke :smiley:

that’s also a joke

he did not :c 20 characters

Ehh yes

o.O 20 characters lol

why should we give tokens to u ??? I also have no tokens :frowning:

I called this number, and a “roccotano4” / Matteo :construction_worker:was there and he told me he is busy cleaning toilets :toilet: for some monkeys :monkey::exclamation:


So, he works as a janitor at Tacticsoft?

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More like a …

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I miss roco.

he was funny.


Cancer trio renuion @Fluxeon