Send Gifts To Other Players


players should be able to send gifts to eachother

that would be interesting.


Is this trading?..


It’s a form of trading, so yeah. Add it to the long list of repeat posts.


lol trading will never be added


Not so hasty, my friends.
Gifts could be implemented in a way.

  1. Gifts would not be items owned by a player but a gift box that the player buys with 500-1000 coins and then sends to the receiver.

  2. The gift boxes would be able to give 1 item only and have drop rates like the mixed boxes or silver boxes. Also there could be a chance for the gift box to turn into a special gift box with drop rates like a fortune box, but also only 1 item, when it arrives in the receiver’s inventory.

  3. You could only send out a limited amount of gift boxes per day - maybe like 10 max per day.

  4. You cannot directly choose whom to send a gift box. Instead after a counted ranking battle in PvP you would be able to decide to send a gift box to your opponent or not for the first 10 PvP battles you do each day against players electable for receiving gifts (see point 6).

  5. There would also be a limit about receiving gifts, too - like 10-20 max per day.

  6. To avoid low leveled alt accounts to send gifts to their main account or friends’ main accounts there would be a restriction of gifts only being sendable to players within 20 level up and down one’s own level and only 2-3 player ranks up and down one’s own player rank.

In such a way “gifts” could maybe be implemented.
But it would be quite the amount of work to design and programm this.
Hence it would probably not be worth it for TS.


Wouldn’t help by one bit.


And first of all,generally,to send a gift in a game you need a friend.
SM has no friend list option…


My way of “gifting” would not be about “usefulness” but about “kindness” after all you would send a “free gift” payed by yourself to the opponent after a battle.

–> Not to your “friend” but to an “opponent” after battle.
That would also make a friend feature unneccessary.

Well, I’m not really interested in gifting anyway.
I justr wanted to point out that “gifting” in itself is not the same as “trading” and therefore with several restrictions and only random gift boxes might be possible.

The fact, that with enough limitations and restrictions to avoid cheaters or multi-accounts from exploiting it, the gifting feature would become pretty much useless is a completely different matter.


then they should create one :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


there is diffrence between ;gifting; and ;trading; you idiot :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sorry I had to let that out. :sigh:


GIFTING NOT TRADING :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


no it is gifting and there is deffrence between them.


there is a comment down somewhere that will change your mind.


Nothing will change my mind when it comes to trading. So please, don’t try it.

#16 probably did not check in the comments.

2.there is gifting and there is trading and they are not the same.


I couldn’t care to recheck them. And if it’s “gifting” an item of yours, then technically it still counts/would be considered as trading. So No.

If it’s gifting an item that you don’t have, and that isn’t chosen by you or them (a random one). Then it’s fine.



I thought you were going to write a s*** reply to be honest.


That and also a ‘‘friend chat’’ option in-game,between any tab of the game.
Like a messenger chat head.


This thread died a month ago.why so late?