Senatus of Kong BD Banned?


but there is no more DBZ , maybe DBS ???


Bump. Has anyone answered this yet? Too lazy to read the thread. Thanks,


Me and milly got real close recently me and all 6 versions of him. Heres a pic of our holiday (me n my fellow @Senatus multis enjoying a cup of T) :slight_smile:


Milan liked Tom’s statement. He has seen this post and chosen to not defend himself. It seems apparent that the lack of defense of himself and the liking of Tom’s comment seem to me that he is admitting he cheated while defending his past eras as being legit

(which we all know is a lie)


Arise, dead topic


@Kaen This is what it looks like when your own self-esteem is so low you need to watch other people beat up on a single person to feel good about yourself.


Cant argue with the truth. More than anything i just wanted an update. Did he ever respond? Or show up anyehere after that? I liked the guy. We got along. I think. Or he was just naturally nice to everyone. Or he just felt sorry for me. But he talked to me, so i liked him.


He did respond. It was to (very) few people. It seemed plausible but at the same time not plausible and ridiculous…almost so stupid that it had to be true because it was so stupid.

That’s all I will say on that.


What did he say? Also did he release the spambot that killed bd for a day and then forced it to change servers?


didnt realise there was anyone left who hadn’t heard milan’s side of the story through the grape vine.

won’t release it myself though since he did wish for it to be kept between just a few people.


no one cares anymore