Senatus of Kong BD Banned?


he had 3 or 4 iirc but nowhere near the amount he had after the TLA war,

just pre-emtively nipping in the bud any idea that his massive amounts of exp (878,574 at the end of era) was cheated.


ooo, he told you the exact amount? I’m sure he was proper chuffed


yeah, don’t you just hate those people who are proud of their acheivements? why can’t everyone just be in a constant state of aloof disconnect? such a tryhard posting a screenshot of a br in team chat.


If you get a single R4/R5 from using somebody as a farm(s), the rest become x1000% easier to get.


3-4 by tick 200 on a 1 ticker… do you ever read out what u are typing

if that’s not suspicious then u are crazy… since when do u find enough units in early 200 ticks of a world these days on bd :expressionless:

and as @Sakrie said you just need 1 r4/r5 squad to hunt the rest

i myself got 300 r5 units within 30hrs of getting my first r4 squad


I had 3 R4 from 1 battle. It’s really not that hard to do when you find an AI with 80 some armor veh. And I had half the time and 1/3rd the territory Milan did.

Could he have cheated on E1? It’s possible. But very honestly, I don’t think he did. He was being watched like a hawk quite honestly. Other eras may have been compromised though. Can’t say for absolute certainty. But E1, I joined the era around tick 600 and Milan was already solo covering Asia, NA, SA, AA, Aussie, Africa and Europe because TLA LET him build everywhere. I very much doubt he needed to create any multi’s for farming xp. He had access to the entire world and AI give you easy farming material to begin with. Milan had no wars to fight, the activity to take 3/4 of the wreckages that appeared before anyone else could grab them, and easy conquers as TLA was always busy warring while they left Milan to take everything unchallenged.

I had my first R4’s on tick 650 (after starting at tick 600). The issue that I ran into was there was no longer anything for me to farm after because Milan was still unchallenged and had network everywhere and I couldn’t beat him half the time to conquers.

So yes, I do understand the mindset of he cheated once, who’s to say he didn’t cheat again. But being one of the one’s on E1 who was competing against Milan for resources, I can tell you, he didn’t need to cheat for what he had. It was pretty much handed to him on a silver platter. Even with fighting milan for resources, I still had over 100 conquers under my belt and I only had access to Russia, Aussie and Europe and about 250 ticks before TLA attacked me. So imagine someone MORE active, with MORE network and 3x the amount of time to grab conquers. E1 was everyone else’s mistake quite honestly for literally handing Milan everything he could ever want on a silver platter. I helped Milan because TLA left me no other option. Die or use Milan’s help were my choices. TLA pushing me into a corner gave milan exactly what he needed. An opportunity. And yes, I know Milan was “secretly” telling TLA I was going to attack them. I also messaged Staffy to tell him I wasn’t and he said he didn’t care. It was going to happen no matter what because TLA weren’t thinking things through (obviously).


Only because I myself was able to make 3 R4 units in less than 100 ticks of starting to play, I know it’s very easy. 80 armor veh = 1600 xp. Enough for 3 R4 (which is what I purposefully calculated it to be). And the AI that make inf create about 80-90 some infantry mixed between armor and dmg. So not too hard, especially since you can use spies without issue on these and not have to wait for nukes (as well as losing xp when using nukes).

The only reason I wasn’t able to capitalize on mine on E1 was because I got very unlucky. My R4 were AVV. And everything that popped up around me had infantry =_=. And Milan could beat me with his R4/5 before I could get a nuke or spies to those ones.


lol whatever u say man. I did not nuke my own r5 squads. That would be a little ridiculous. I did however lose my R5 squads cause we got betrayed by 3 members in our own alliance who did not want to have a battle with my units. They then left the alliance after. If it wasn’t for jan and I RDH would have never been formed and we would have helped rania win the era. Would have been a very short era so you’re welcome.


@Malicewolf im talking about first 200 ticks

im sure you being an admin know there are no AI colonies with more than 8 vehicles at that point :slight_smile:


Yea, the highest amount of vehs I’ve seen on an AI is 22.

80 vehs is not an AI.


Nobody said he had any r5 that quick. Except you…Your so desperate to rip Milan down its almost amusing. From what i know(1st hand account) he had just achieved 3-4 r5 squads just BEFORE the war with TLA started. Which was…tick 900ish?


Baz is correct. I made 2 R5 squads first and he had 1 r5 1 r4 from AA farming. When TLA started neglecting shit about the era(including myself) he started farming my side of the map and when the war started he had exactly 3 r5 squads.


and what would i get from taking him down?? o.O


sorry didnt realise you were acusing him of having by tick 200, I meant he had that prior to the TLA war where he got a huge amount. I honestly dont know if he had any tick 200 but I doubt he would have only had 3 squads of r5 by the time the tla war came around if he was farming it


nvm i had my facts wrong lol

ignore all my posts xD


Poor Milan getting ripped a new one, he should have asked Pakistani Soldier (PS) for tips on how to get away with cheating! I mean he didn’t get caught with Zain, kudos to you sir. And i can’t believe I’m saying this but, he could have asked Nopy for tips too :open_mouth:
salt salt salt sgt pepper salt


Why hasnt Milan Still replied?




Thats in first wave, in second wave (tick 800ish) you can get ai with close to 80 Arm vech


Did Milan cheat in every era he played?

heres the proof