Senatus of Kong BD Banned?


Well now that the thread is less retarded, anyone have any response from milan?

Or response from admins?


He did not cheat in CE 2. I was in the winning alliance all era. All our r5 were legit. Haters are gonna hate but you guys have no idea what it’s like to be awake for 6 months 24/7 and being called online just to turns spams or launch nukes to farm r5 CONSTANTLY. If only u knew how much planning was involved to get 60+ squads of R5… To say he cheated on all eras is straight up dumb.


No one actually cares about the R5s, soon as he gets banned for cheating we can’t trust anything he or any of his friends say for that matter.


Yet he got banned for using VPN’s :joy:


salty bois who got beat legit. get over it he was online 24/7 and beat your ass in CE 2


Rumor I heard is that all of the accounts were using the same IP, so he didn’t even bother to use VPNs.


Borrowing from a battlefront II line :stuck_out_tongue:

“The bigger they are; the harder they fall!”
- Clone Trooper


Because winning gives you the right to cheat? :stuck_out_tongue:


Say my name enough times in the mirror and I shall appear.

First of all, just to say, I will not be going into the specifics of this case, as I’m broadly of the opinion that the fine details of a ban are between the admin and the players involved. If anybody involved in the ban wishes to talk about it, that’s their right to do so.

I can confirm however, that I banned a string of colonies on M2 last night, and that one of them had a sizeable backlog of previous eras and medals under their belt, and the rest of the colonies had few/none.

I will note that the evidence used to close this case was pretty straightforward boilerplate stuff that gets checked on every era. It’s even partially automated.

I have admined several eras for the more experienced involved player before, and I have never come across this in my time doing so. In my experience, rulebreakers tend to get better at hiding rule breaking, not worse. As such, I have little reason to believe that this was a repeat offence. So far, all evidence suggests that this was the first time any of these accounts have been involved in this specific activity. Obviously that is my perspective based purely on the information that I have, not a claim of infallibility on my own part.

Hope that clarifies a few questions.


dammm milan the AROD of BD now, he needs an asterisk next to his HOF winS!


Replying to this post these colonies existed for a very long time through the era so he did cheat u just found out now might mean that it was repeated before
also it might mean he felt like he was losing so yeah whats the point milan isnt the type who enjoys fighting through the odds
just because some1 wasnt caught recently means it didnt happen before controlling 6 colonies is quite hard lol so its stupid to think wow this is the first time imo
honestly though cheater or not he is a great player doesnt matter he doesn’t need to cheat to be good but he did cheat now and probably before
just my 2 cents on wehter he did this before or not


he didnt play with multiple accounts on e1 (his rank 1 boat) btw.


nice evidence i like it


I was in the team, every player was unique, most I’d known from previous eras and alex himself has admitted he was watching milan extremely closely the whole era for any sign of cheating.



just cause he didnt cheat on 1 era doesnt mean he didnt cheat on any other era

just saying.


Maybe not but who says he didn’t use his multies for other purposes…as he claims he does not boost, he could use them for the purpose of getting an advantage over others early in the round when he was alone.


Go away Andrei you were never relevant to anything

Like the time you nuked your own R5 squads? Hahaha you were a joke


I was simply clarifying for any who now think the rank 1 boat is compromised, as part of the team I’m able to confirm that every player was legit. there was also no acc sharing milan himself was in chat every tick throughout the TLA war, all his exp was legit too he actually had very little before the TLA war but then once TLA basically gave up before their armies died he was able to hunt a huge amount of exp from them and their subs.

I wasn’t with him early era so it’s possible but I seriously doubt it, he was allowed by TLA to get network litterally everywhere on the map unchallenged so had access to a shittone of conquers and wrecks, it would have been a redundant liability to farm multis especially since he’s apparently not very good at it.


@Misfit next time before joining a team check the players stats :wink:

before he started war with TLA he had enough kills for a few r5 squads

i know cause i planted just to note all this bs
as u said, u werent with him since start of era, so u cant confirm whether he cheated or not

im not implying he cheated, but im also not convinced that he didnt cheaT :stuck_out_tongue: