Senatus of Kong BD Banned?


¯_(ツ) ¯_(ツ)

¯_(ツ) ¯_(ツ)



u are the one trying to prove something with the whole f2 demand nibba


last time im replying to your silly kiddish bullshit

i said medals should be removed
u liked the post which i think ideally means u agree to me

and the next moment u go and demand for boat

make up your mind


read the god damn reply

its as direct as it can get
it answers all your questions, if u still dont get it then good day to you


funny thats what i was gonna say ¯_(ツ)/¯


oi while you too are here fighting mr trashtalker milan is probably reading all of this and doesnt have the guts to reply knowing its the truth :sweat_smile: maybe tell the nooblets what you did on kong too milan :wink:


that explains your posts

drop it george
just seriously.


now now ladies. no one cares. Were busy laughing at miss Milanos :slight_smile:


atleast milan didnt get banned forever from bd for getting 250k blues to troll some1 :innocent:


well i did promise to ■■■■ over emo ps and rommeo after they did all type of cheating incluiding TV multis etc. i dont regret boosting 250k blues in one era a bit lol to troll it felt good af :innocent:


its called revenge btw why did you remove your side name Sentaus Jr ( Cheater Jr )[quote=“George, post:134, topic:3731”]
You are a vicious human being

ikr :imp:


he is already ugly…


For gods sake someone permanmute George. My dude out here googling quotes about wise men and stuff lol. U r a greedy mid skilled player who sucked weewee for medals. Chill out lol.

As far as medals go, I think there just a fun thing to have. People like FnF or George with a fair amount of them still suck so they don’t really mean anything to begin with. Just something for people to aspire for.



you’re a bigger cheater than milan is


George pls I cant see this no more, first you name yourself Senatus Jr now you are copying what Milan replied to Traj when he said “your reply scores high on the cool metric”


Don’t avoid the subject man, ok you are a fan of our best cheater/liar but copying him? I can let Senatus Jr slide but copying his replies is stupid lmfao.


Anytime, just remember you are George not Milan Jr.




Nice edit there Georgie :japanese_goblin: