Senatus of Kong BD Banned?


The point was for everyone to discuss and share their opinions. He is clearly banned, but was he in control of those mars 2 accounts? I think yes. I want a response from the admins, if he was really account sharing all his BOATS should be removed from the HoF.


Then also Delete the 2 CE victories , it was pretty unfair to GML and ARM that they lost to multi abusers. and hence no point in those 2 wins being there as they were gained unfairly. There should be nomore E6 in HoF , cheater and his cheater buddies dont deserve that honour.


Yes yes, that was assumed aswell :slight_smile:


Lol CE1 at least, there was no abuse that anyone noticed and I am sure the rest of the winners would not take kindly to losing their championships due to one player being banned now.

If we went and retroactively deleted records of anyone caught cheating, there would be so many gaps in the HoF.


Why these double standards , BD players are always like someone plays with me and get banned , its just a miscommunication with admin , someone playing against me or anywhere else gets banned , punished him. why should an alliance have the honour of being a winner of something as prestigious as CE when they had a player who used multies to farm R5 and now finally got caught. its totally unfair to other alliances who didnt win it cause they kept dieing to those farmed R5s and Multi accounts and maybe TV aswell.



The point here is - There is no proof whether @Senatus has ever cheated In his previous eras. If he did, he would have been banned.
Only during this M2 it was found and hence he was banned.


Sure, only this m2 he was CAUGHT, doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat on the other eras.

At the end of the day, having a cheater in the highscores only looks bad on administration, and makes the game look bad.

A noob is gonna ask “Omg how did this guy get 73k score, he must be hellah good” From now on the response is gonna be something about him cheating. How will that look to new players , or even old returning players?


Milan has cheated multiple times in the past. Why are you guys acting surprised now. Havent you heard of his kong history? Or CE2 farmings? He got banned several times. The only difference is that this time he abused it


Hey if he can prove that he actually successfully cloned himself, and then used these clones to play BD, he deserves a nobel peace prize and another trophy from BD because that’s pretty impressive. I’ve only ever used the clones I make of myself for swinger parties, not noble pursuits like winning an online strategy game.


I’d rather just get rid of the HoF tbh :joy: It’s lead to nothing but era delaying, score whoring, and crystal handing, all of which causes a lot of issues in the community and game. Along with medals. Then there’s token rewards which promoted battlehugging.


Without blues how would once compete with red boosters tho :ice_cream:

Tokens for r1 maybe


Tokens can still be rewarded, I don’t know if I agree with getting rid of HoF alltogether, its fun for memories. I think BOAT should be taken out though.


Keep HoF, but scrap medals.


I agree to BOAT removal or at least a modification. BOAT’s should be limited to CEs where the best face the best. Otherwise in all other crystal pumped eras there’ll simply be a show of everything that makes this game distasteful.


Yea, there’s literally no way to standardize BOAT’s in a fair manner with how certain eras have garrisons with insane amounts of crystals.


just get rid of medals, if u need medals to prove your dominance in this game then its just fucked up.

oh sorry sakrie wanted to reply to the threat but ended up replying to u and im lazy to cut copy paste xD


one second george is liking my post where im saying get rid of medals

the very next second george goes ahead and does this

da fuk nibba??


oooh some1 is getting salty :smiley:

why would i have any problems, my name is already there ¯_(ツ)_/¯


There must be at least one legit Senatus in the BoaTs! Senatus Jr is the rightful Best Senatus of all Time


hahahaha cant argue with such explaination :smiley: