Senatus of Kong BD Banned?


listen here young whippersnappers, back in my day the forums were very active. There used to be a thread created for every era of every world damn near, and don’t get me started about the spam section. :smiley:


Back in my day the forums were very active too.

Every day a new thread was created to advertise a random porn site and attempt to infect you with a virus.


that’s the old forum. i’m talking about the OLD old forums.


Hey, I want to start that up again. I posted something a while back about it


let’s just start creating more threads then


Disgusting porn spreading bot


Hi sexy, want to see what I can do? click here to watch my show :wink:


That was great zealot


:wink: :kissing_closed_eyes:


Have you been spending time with Fluffy or something @Zealot


Wow, how did you know the other guy in the video was @Fluffeh? Keen eye


@Zealot you gave me a seizure.


Hey now, I didn’t think my acting was that bad…


Its not your acting its the link


Getting so off topic here, but I agree with the prior statements. Having more threads about every era will help keep the forum community alive and help grow it. @Senatus a response on topic though?


@Gaurav give it some time, im sure running 6 accounts must be exhausting
let him catch up on some sleep xD


Did he sell it , again XD


i still love my boy @Senatus




its not crazy a lot of people knew this already :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: right capo :wink: ?