Senatus of Kong BD Banned?


Gotta give credit when it’s due


Joe did the ban! I tell you it was Joe!


hey it was a genuine statement


alfie the boat which is bricked in an account i will never be able to open again :smiley: xD


Ah you’re in the same boat as Milan then.


hahahahaha puns :jack_o_lantern:



If you’ll pardon the pun swag


Supa hot fira :fire:


sucky sucky 5 dolla? me love you long time!


It’s Admin Tom’s world. Admin Tom or Alex would of done the ban. Josh bad joke about it being Joe


I think Malice has answered my question xD


I thought it was an excellent joke, it seems to have gone over your head.


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


How long were you looking for that


the trolling never stops


I wasn’t looking for that specific thing, just anything that he said recently about E1. You’d find a plethora

And to answer your question, like 3 minutes


Well this news kinda broke the forum


Forums were always broken, if anything this has brought us all together.

There’s nothing like a common enemy.


That’s what i am saying people who keep fighting all the time,standing as one broke the forum.